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2PDF Service Terms

These Service Terms ("Terms") are between 2PDF, Inc. ("2PDF") and the individual who orders services from 2PDF via the website or signs an order that includes these terms by reference to the URL where they are posted ("you").

1. Subscription Services

1.1 Service Provision.
2PDF agrees to provide the services for the agreed term according to the conditions stated in the order and these Terms. Services include features specified in your plan on the 2PDF website. Support is provided through online documentation and via the support portal.
1.2 API Licensing.
You are granted a non-exclusive license to use the API in accordance with the terms of this agreement. The license is valid for the duration of the agreement and may not be transferred to other parties without 2PDF's permission.
1.3 Conditions and Restrictions.
Use of the API to create competing services, reverse engineering, modifications, or derivative works is prohibited. You are allowed to use the API within your domain without additional permission from 2PDF. Services may not be resold.
1.4 Content Rights.
You retain all rights to the content you transmit or store using the services. 2PDF may use your content only for providing services and in aggregated form for analysis.

2. Payments

2.1 Payment.
You must have a valid payment method on file for collecting payments by 2PDF. All payments are stated in U.S. dollars.
2.2 Taxes.
Listed prices do not include taxes. You are responsible for paying any taxes properly invoiced by 2PDF.

3. Term and Termination

3.1 Term.
The Terms are effective until the end of the pre-paid period or until all funds in the account are used up.
3.2 Termination.
Either party may terminate this agreement in the event of a breach of terms by the other party, provided there is prior written notice.

4. General Provisions

4.1 Changes to Terms.
2PDF may change these Terms at any time. Changes become effective at the next renewal term following their publication.

5. User Rights and Obligations

5.1 User Obligations.
You are responsible for paying for services, using secure authentication methods, and complying with the acceptable use policy, including the AWS policy available at You are also responsible for creating backups of your content.
5.2 Data Protection.
You must use the services in compliance with applicable laws, including export control and sanctions laws.
5.3 User Warranties.
You warrant that the information you provide during registration and ordering of services is accurate and current.

6. Term, Termination, and Suspension

6.1 Term.
The agreement is effective until all funds in your account are used up or 365 days after the last use, whichever occurs first.
6.2 Termination.
If you violate the terms of this agreement, 2PDF may terminate the agreement by providing you with written notice and a ten-day period to remedy the breach.
6.3 Suspension.
2PDF may temporarily suspend your access to the services in the event of serious violations or if your activities create security risks. Services will be reinstated after the issues have been resolved.

7. Liability

7.1 Limitation of Liability.
2PDF is not liable for lost revenues, profits, data, or for indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages.
7.2 Maximum Liability.
In the event of any claims from you, the total amount you can recover from 2PDF shall not exceed the amount you have paid for the services during the last six months.

8. General Conditions

8.1 Changes to Services.
2PDF reserves the right to modify or discontinue the services. You may terminate the agreement with written notice if substantial changes negatively affect you.
8.2 Arbitration.
Any disputes will be resolved through arbitration in San Antonio, Texas, in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

9. Intellectual Property

9.1 Technology Rights.
All intellectual property rights associated with the services of 2PDF belong to 2PDF. You are not allowed to copy or distribute any materials or documentation without prior permission from 2PDF.
9.2 Feedback.
Any feedback or suggestions you provide regarding the 2PDF services can be used by 2PDF without restriction and without any obligation to you.

10. Confidentiality

10.1 Exchange of Confidential Information.
Each party agrees not to disclose the other party's confidential information obtained under this agreement.
10.2 Protection of Confidential Information.
Confidential information must be protected with reasonable efforts to prevent its unauthorized disclosure.

11. Miscellaneous

11.1 Governing Law.
These Terms are governed by the laws of Ukraine, without regard to its conflict of law provisions.
11.2 Dispute Resolution.
Any disputes that cannot be resolved amicably shall be settled through arbitration in accordance with the rules of the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kyiv, Ukraine.
11.3 Force Majeure.
Neither party will be liable for non-performance of obligations if the failure to perform is due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the parties.
11.4 Notices.
Notices under these Terms must be sent by email and are deemed received the next business day after they are sent.
11.5 Entire Agreement.
These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding the subject matter of the agreement and supersede all prior agreements and understandings, both written and oral.
11.6 Amendments.
Changes to these Terms are only valid in writing and agreed upon by both parties.
11.7 Severability.
If any provision of these Terms is found to be invalid, it will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.